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9 июня в 19.00 пройдет GDG Web Meetup от сообщества GDG Minsk
Формат проведения - онлайн
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✅ New age navigation. Diving into portalsNikita Poltoratsky, Akveo, GDE

We’re building web applications mainly using two approaches — Single Page Application (SPA) and Multi-Page Application (MPA). They solve issues in different ways. However, there is one issue that is not solved in both approaches well enough. I’m talking about navigation.
SPAs offer nice user experience and beautiful transitions however they are too complex.
MPAs are much easier to implement but users will end up with blank screens between pages.
A new web platform API proposal called Portals aims to solve that issue offering the best of both worlds. During the session, we’ll learn what are portals and how you can use them for building the best navigation experience possible.

✅ Simplifying Dependency Injection in Angular - Dhananjay Kumar, Founder geek97, creator ng-India, 1MVP, GDE  

Dependency Injection is one of the most famous architecture patterns to create a scalable application that has loosely coupled entities such as classes. Application made using the DI pattern is highly loosely coupled, and any part such as the business logic layer of application can be replaced at the run time without affecting the presentation layer. By design Angular framework supports dependency injection. It enables you to inject dependencies such as services without writing your own DI container or refereeing to any third-party libraries.


"Анонсы бесплатных мероприятий для разработчиков в Москве и в ОНЛАЙНЕ"


914 дней назад
9 июня 2020 19:00–21:00

Событие пройдет онлайн

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