GDG Minsk Flutter March Meetup

The GDG Minsk Flutter Meetup from the GDG Minsk Community will take place on March 23-rd at 19.00 (GMT+03). The format is online. Language — English

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The GDG Minsk Flutter Meetup from the GDG Minsk Community will take place on March 23-rd at 19.00 (GMT+03).
The format is online. Language — English

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It is not going to be an ordinary online meetup with presentations and q&a sessions. This time we plan to make a live session with our skilled and talented speakers who will share their experience about Flutter technology answering questions from the moderator.

✅ Majid Hajian (​)
Company: Flutter Google Developer Expert

Short bio: Majid is a Google developer expert and passionate software developer with years of developing and architecting complex web and mobile applications. His passions are generally Flutter, PWA, and performance. He is an award-winning book author at Apress and instructor at PacktPub/Udemy and Pluralsight. He loves sharing his knowledge with the community by writing and speaking, having workshops and video tutorials, contributing to open source, and organizing meetups and events. He is also the organizer of several big Nordic conferences and meetups such as FlutterVikings!

✅ Vladimir Ivanov (​)
Company: Solution Architect @ Tinkoff Business
Short Bio: Vladimir is a mobile expert with a background in native Android, React-Native, and Flutter. Author of blog on Creator of flutter Figma preview package

✅ Eugene Saturov (​)
Company: DevRel at Surf
Short Bio: Flutter Dev Podcast hoster and also GDG Voronezh Leader

Meetup Agenda:

  • In the beginning, we will talk about their company, main job position
  • Then we start with general questions about Flutter technology
  • Later will cover popular architectural patterns in Flutter, proc and cons of each
  • Then will mix with tools that are available right now for Flutter and how open-source contributes there
  • In the end, will finish with the future of Flutter and its competitors

You can start collecting your questions which we will cover as well during our discussion.
Looking forward to meeting you!

✅ Language: English
✅ The start — at 19.00. Join us!

tags: #flutter #development #best_practices



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503 дня назад
23 марта 2021 19:00–21:00

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