GDG Minsk Cloud April Meetup

On The GDG Cloud Meetup, we are going to cover different cloud containers and how to maintain them Online and in English. The event will be broadcasted on youtube. The direct link to the stream is located below.

ИТ и интернет

The GDG Minsk Cloud Meetup from the GDG Minsk Community will take place on April 29-th at 19.00 (GMT+03).
The format is online. Language — English

➡️ The link to the broadcast - 

Let me introduce our speakers:
✅ Rustam Mehmandarov (
Company: Chief Engineer@Computas

Short bio: Public speaker. Google Developers Expert (GDE) for Cloud and Java Champion. GDG Cloud Oslo organizer.

✅ Mads Opheim (
Company: Principal engineer@Computas

Short bio: A software engineer who wants to make people awesome in a safe environment

✅ Vladimir Daron (
Company: CEO@WebAnt

Short bio: Vladimir leads Google Developer Group in Rostov-on-Don. Together with his team at WebAnt he develop mobile, web, and IoT solutions.


We are planning to listen to the following topics:

Modern Java App Development in the Cloud: MicroProfile, Quarkus, and Cloud Run
So, you need to have your Java app deployed and available for your users fast, and you would like to do as little managing, wiring, and infrastructure work as possible. How can you achieve that? Well, you go serverless with your containers using supersonic Java in the Cloud!

Join us to explore the possibilities with MicroProfile and Quarkus on Google Cloud Run. Bleeding edge Java!

Scared of the bleeding edges, or vendor lock-in? Don’t worry, with MicroProfile, you can switch to another app server with no changes to your code.

Oh, and as promised, there will be little wiring and infrastructure. So, you don’t have to know things like Kubernetes or Istio to enjoy this workshop. We’ll let the Cloud handle all of that for us.


Self-service infrastructure or Kubernetes

I’ll tell you about when and why you need Kubernetes. I will show you what advantages and disadvantages there are when moving to Kubernetes. The finance point of view is also quite important, especially how quickly the introduction of Kubernetes will pay off for business.



ITMeeting — телеграм-канал с анонсами бесплатных мероприприятий по разработке.


466 дней назад
29 апреля 2021 19:00–21:00

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